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Mama Mosambiki

For most people, Mozambique conjures up images of tragedy, war, famine and millions of refugees living on food aid. The other side of this young, southern African nation, rich in art and culture, is hardly ever seen. Eyuphuro (EE-U-FOO-ROO) means "whirlwind" and their music draws on many influences, as African vocals and Arabic rhythms meet the delicate, lilting Portuguese-influenced guitar. From these roots, Eyuphuro write contemporary songs of love and social criticism, a sharply perceived commentary on life in Mozambique today. * 1-Samukhela (The Nostalgic Man) Eyuphuro 2-Mwanuni (The Bird) Eyuphuro 3-Akatswela (Love Is So Bewildering) Eyuphuro 4-We Awaka (You Are Mine) Eyuphuro 5-Kihiyeny (Leave Me Alone) Eyuphuro 6-Nifungo (The Key Of The House) Eyuphuro 7-Oh Mama (Oh Mother!) Eyuphuro 8-Nuno Maalani (A Single Mother Of A Single Mother) Eyuphuro

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