DVD Amália Rodrigues


DVD Amália Rodrigues

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This insightful documentary tells Amalia´s tale and features movie clips of her singing her most famous fados. Amalia was born to sing and she knew it. "If I sing like I sing, it is because of Nature", Amalia said once. Her genius was so evident that she overcame poverty and discrimination and became an icon of her country. With her, an internationally unknown popular music like Portuguese fado became a medium of universal expression known everywhere. For more than half a century, Amalia was the voice of this peculiar sadness. She is regarded as the greatest of all fado singers, or as they are called in Portugal, of all the "Cantadeiras". This DVD tells her story in detail, presenting a full amount of complete video and musical clips from her golden years. Spanish subtitles Portuguese subtitles Bonus video tracks: 10 complete music clips Bonus audio tracks: 10 music clips

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