Brazian Conga Atabaque

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Brazilian Conga opens the door to familiar and to new worlds for the devotees of a fantastic instrument: the Brazilian atabaque with its rhythms adapted to the conga. You will meet some ?old acquaintances? among the typical basic grooves of Brazilian music for 1 conga or timbau (Samba de Caboclo, Barravento, Ijexá or Congo) but also relatively unknown rhythms for 2 or 3 congas, Brazilian rhythms originally not destined to be performed on the atabaque and even modern ?pop? rhythms. Additionally, the method provides coordination exercises and a number of pieces for small percussion ensembles. This book by Gilson de Assis with its accompanying CD, which offers recordings of all the individual grooves, will surely be of great help to both the novice and the experienced percussionist. It will not only lead you to a better understanding of the playing techniques and structures but also help you capture the feeling and prepare the ground for a correct interpretation of the Brazilian atabaque rhythms

Gilson de Assis

Sprache:Englisch , Spanisch und Deutsch

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